Disconnection: Objectification and the Impacts on our Relationships


There is a long history of focusing campaigns aimed at young girls and women to increase their safety and tell them how not to be exploited, so we are doing something different. We are looking at the root causes of sexual exploitation and inviting boys and men to dream of something different for themselves and in their relationships with women.

  • How does the social context that we are living in (i.e. objectification of women) impact our relationships with one another?
  • How can our human need to be accepted, loved and valued be co-opted by power?
  • What can we do to shift our thinking and resist what we’re being sold/told to be like?

WAVAW works with male youth in schools to think about how they’re impacted by sexism. How sexual exploitation happens.  And how we can all work to create an equal and healthy community.

“I felt like it opened my eyes to what actually goes on in the world. It wasn’t very pleasing but the learning experience was what I liked.” -Disconnection workshop participant

Ask us about our educational outreach workshop, Disconnection: Objectification and the Impacts on our Relationships.

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