Raise It Up

Raise It Up

WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre has a long history of working with youth, between frontline service delivery and dedicated prevention and leadership education.

Raise It Up is an innovative instructional framework developed by WAVAW with the goal of preventing violence. The program is designed for educators to integrate into existing curricula and to reach teenagers in high schools and organizations using thought-provoking and engaging activities created specifically for youth.

Raise It Up works to build awareness about the root causes of violence and motivates young people to take action in making their communities safer for everyone. In addition to understanding how systemic issues affect them directly in how they are perceived by society, youth will learn how internalized beliefs can influence our actions and how these beliefs/behaviors have the potential to create violence.

WAVAW believes that effective violence prevention strategies must be taught early on. Raise It Up is based on acknowledging the value and worth of our youth, engaging them in finding creative solutions to some of society’s most important social concerns and developing qualities such as self-esteem, empowerment, personal responsibility, accountability, empathy and critical thinking.


“So good for my job and my soul.” – Alain Raoul, Teacher

“We were provided with a great, easy to follow tool kit. The activities are clear and really get to the heart of the issues. – Jeannie Furmanek, Youth Programmer

“It’s so nice to come to a training session, have all my questions answered, meet other educators who are passionate about social justice, and then leave with a full unit plan with lots of ideas, handouts, and answer keys.” – Lindsey McDowell, Counsellor


  • To educate students about the oppressive social structures that produce social injustice.
  • To demonstrate how these systems create and perpetuate violence.
  • To motivate students to take action to create a socially just society and to give them tools and strategies that will enable them to do so.

Part 1: Thinking about Social Justice
Part 2: How are We Valued in the World?
Part 3: Tracking the Root Causes of Violence
Part 4: Socialization: How do We Learn This Stuff?
Part 5: What Can We Do Now?

*Including blackline masters, teacher response keys, and glossary


Students will learn how to…

  • Investigate the root causes of violence
  • Think critically about how socialization through the media impacts our bodies and minds
  • Think about how we value one another in society and to strive for equality
  • Begin thinking about what leadership looks like and what it means to intervene as an up-stander

For more information or to book a Pro D workshop, email outreach@wavaw.ca or call 604-255-6228 ext237.

For a pdf copy of the manual or to express interest in training, complete the form below.

Train the Trainer workshops allow teachers to experience interactive lesson plans and discuss how to integrate Raise It Up into existing curriculum.  Trainings are 10:00am-3:00pm with a working lunch.

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