Third-Party Fundraising Application

  1. Application to Host a Third-Party Event in Support of Women Against Violence Against Women Rape Crisis Centre
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  3. Tell Us About Yourself and/or Your Organization
  4. (valid email required)
  5. Tell Us About Your Proposed Event
  6. 6. Will Alcohol be available at this event?
  7. 9. Have you or do you plan to approach other partners to support this event. Please list any support you have received for your proposed event. Please indicate a contact name and description of their commitment to or interest in the event. In reviewing the application, we may contact these partners for more information
  8. Financial Information
  9. Promotions and Advertising
  10. 16. Will you be promoting the event
  11. WAVAW’s Involvement
  12. 20. Are there any potential personal benefits to you or your company as the event host that could be considered/ perceived as a conflict of interest?

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I understand that filling in this application does not guarantee that WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre will be participating in the proposed Third-Party Fundraiser. Should the proposed event be approved, I/ We accept and agree to follow the Guidelines included at the beginning of this application.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to our terms.

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