WAVAW Third-Party Fundraising

Third-Party Fundraising Event Guidelines and Application

Thank you so much for being a partner in ending violence against women by taking the initiative to host a third-party fundraiser for WAVAW! Below are a few guidelines, please make sure to read them before you complete the electronic application form.

  1. We encourage fundraising events that are consistent with our mission. WAVAW is a feminist anti-violence organization. We cannot endorse, support, lend our name or act as a beneficiary to any event, fundraiser or awareness campaign that we believe engages in, promotes or encourages any type of violence, promotes racism, homophobia, classism, ableism or any other type of oppressive attitudes and beliefs that are counter to our anti-oppression analysis.
  2. Please complete the form at least 21 days before your event or activity for approval. For larger events and activities, please allow at least 30 days. Once the event/activity is reviewed by WAVAW staff, WAVAW will contact you. If the event/activity is approved, we will provide written confirmation of approval. Please note submission of the application does not guarantee approval.
  3. If you are wishing to use WAVAW’s name or logo on any event or activity materials, including advertising and media releases, please contact WAVAW for written approval prior to production and/or before they are distributed to the media. WAVAW cannot guarantee media interest or coverage of the event/activity.
  4. If you are wishing WAVAW’s involvement (both staff and volunteer) in the event or activity, please notify us of the time commitments required. Please note we cannot guarantee volunteer or staff time.
  5. Please note that the organizing individual/group/company is responsible for obtaining appropriate licenses for their event (ie. alcohol, raffles, 50/50 draws, etc). In British Columbia, Liquor and Gaming Licences are granted by the Ministry for Public Safety and Office of the Solicitor General. Please contact the Liquor Control & Licensing Branch at (250) 387- 9135 or the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch at (250) 952-6652, respectively. Please note that WAVAW will not act as an applicant or co-applicant for liquor and gaming licenses for third party events.
  6. Please note that the organizing individual/group/company is required to handle all monetary transactions for the special event or promotion and to present the proceeds to WAVAW within 30 days of the completion of the event or as agreed in writing with WAVAW.
  7. Please note the organizing individual/group/company cannot hold WAVAW responsible for any financial losses incurred in conjunction with any third party fundraising event. Furthermore, the organizing individual/group/company agrees to underwrite all of the costs of the event. WAVAW shall incur no costs unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior to the fundraising event.
  8. Please not the organizing individual/group/company is required to have suitable liability insurance for the event/activity. WAVAW will not be party to any liability coverage without prior knowledge and/or approval, accept no legal responsibility and cannot be held liable for any damage, risk, injury, or otherwise, in conjunction with the fundraising event/activity.
  9. Please note WAVAW must have full control over the issuing of tax receipts in accordance with WAVAW policies and CRA guidelines. WAVAW, based on Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines, will review eligibility of proceeds raised by this event for tax receipting. Please note that not all funds raised qualify for tax receipts.
  10. If you are accepting personal donations for WAVAW at the event, tax receipts may be issued for donations deemed eligible by WAVAW according to CRA regulations, for any donation of $10 or more. Where WAVAW is issuing tax receipts, all personal cash donations must be accompanied by a form with the following donor information donor’s name, address, phone number, and donation amount. All donation cheques must be made payable directly to WAVAW and also require donor’s name, address, phone number, and donation amount.
  11. WAVAW does not participate in any door to door fundraising initiatives or support organizations or individuals that wish to do so on our behalf.
  12. Upon request, WAVAW can provide a letter of support to be used to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers.
  13. Please note the event should be financially viable in the opinion of WAVAW. WAVAW reserves the right to withhold the use of its name and/or logo from any event, which it feels is not financially viable or otherwise appropriate. Furthermore, WAVAW requires that the company/individual/group organizing the event or program demonstrate that they are using satisfactory financial controls. The financial records and bank information for the event must be available to WAVAW, upon request.
  14. Please note WAVAW reserves the right to withdraw our support at any time from any third-party event which we believe conflicts with our mission, values and/or policies.


By clicking on the box below, the organizing individual/group/company agrees to the guidelines above:

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